Hello, Most of you will know me from my book blog: Totally Bookalicious. However, this is going personal blog where I am going to use to mess around with photography and images etc!

 I use to do a lot a few years ago. But it's been a while. Remember I am NOT a professional so don't judge me on whether they are professional looking or not. I am just having fun. I will try my hardest to post a new photo every few days for now. With the hopes of getting one up every day. 

I finally got out my camera that has been collecting dust. I bought a few years ago and never used it. So I have it all set up now.  And I just took one photo of my feet haha. Well my converse (see me messing around lol) I will post this in a different post. 

I mainly use Pixlr to help with effects on photos and if you have check it out go now its pretty fun and the have an app for your smartphones!!

So please follow me, Once the feed burner thing is all set up I will add a subscribe via email box and get any other links I can think off.

I want to give a big Shout Out to Ninfa Hayes who came up with the name, she is amazing and she also help with the title of Totally Bookalicious. If you don't know who she is then head to her facebook page

Wee Shubba

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